In order to identify fast growing species utilizable for olygomer and monomer production, five fast growing species (Paulownia fortunei, Chamaecytisus proliferus, Arundo donax, Leucaena.diversifolia and Sesbania grandiflora) were tested. Concurrently, the biomass productivity of these species was also tested on a field scale. The biomass productivity of the selected species studied ranges from 0.36 to 21.30 t ha-1 (o.d.b.) under Mediterranean conditions for the year 1 sprouts. In addition, the hydrothermal treatment results show that the selected species could be employed as alternative raw material for the production of oligomers, leading to a high concentration of oligomers (9.4-23.4 g/L-1 at 190ºC).

Keywords: Paulownia fortunei, chamaecytisus proliferus, arundo donax, leucaena diversifolia, sesbania grandiflora, alternative pulp raw materials, hydrothermal treatment.
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