Nutritional Evaluation of Insect’s Pupae-Larvae and its Utilization in Poultry Compound Feed

Dawit M. Zegeye1 , * Open Modal Authors Info & Affiliations
The Open Agriculture Journal 13 Feb 2020 REVIEW ARTICLE DOI: 10.2174/1874331502014010001


This paper is aimed to review the nutritional evaluation of insect’s pupae-larvae and its utilization in poultry compound feed, using an appropriate keyword search in agricultural and biological science. The paper surveys previous studies on the nutrient composition of insect’s pupae-larvae and its utilization in poultry compound feed. The literature review shows that most of the insect species have higher nutritional values and amino acid profiles than the regularly used feed such as fishmeal and soybean meal. In addition, studies find that the broiler chicken quality is not affected or even improved in some scenarios when insect-based feed substitutes the conventional feed by 10% - 100%. However, the growth performance of laying chickens is limited using the insect-based feed.

Keywords: Compound feed, Conventional feed, Insect meal, Nutrient composition, Pupae-larvae, Poultry.
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